Afia Schwarzenegger Is Not a Virtuous Woman – Afrikaba Ronnie

It has always being bothering my mind who she is and where she got her manners from. She has always been a disgrace to womanhood from day one. She had misplaced her manners long time when she started condemning people of integrity in this nation. She went too far by pouring insults on some men of God of which some predicted her downfall.

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Aside that all I know from our African culture is, a virtuous woman will never go for a loan to assist a man to marry her. I think she needed that marriage so bad. She made the public know all is well in life for her by leaving her personal life and criticized other affairs very bitterly. Recently, she did a lot of comments on Rashida’s leaked video matter and now it’s back to her. I’m not much surprise Ghanaian are letting her know the meaning of the proverb ” abaa yedze Bo Tekyi no, yedze bebo Baah nso”. Now she has lost her respect totally by having affair with another man on her matrimonial home.

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I can see this is the beginning of her doom. Will there be any media house to employ such a woman? Hmm what kind of role model is she serving to the society? I think we must all start reasoning on our actions towards the society as media practitioners. We must live our life to bring positive changes but no to bring shame to our family and country.

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