Akrugu Sound Engineer Blasted Ofasco Ne Beat Over Bobolebobo Song

Wofa Yaw Amoako, the sound engineer behind “Akrgu” hit blasted Ofasco Ne Beat and Evang IK Aning for not listened to his advice onpure gospel.

Wofa Yaw Amoako who started working on “Bobolebobo” in 2016 as a high-life song was called to give his opinion on allegation that Evang IK Aning has stolen the “Bobolebobo” song found himself somewhere by saying that, It’s true that he started producing Bobolebobo but his version was High- Life until Evang IK Aning met Ofasco Ne Beatz which the song was recorded in another version of “Cha Cha” (Afro Pop).

“Yes, Evang IK Aning did not listen to me when l told him to stop following “cha cha” boys and follow his pure gospel music. I have data on my PC but l cannot go and search for the date since am in hurry to attend to church but I started it in 2016” – Wofa Yaw Amoako

According Wofa Yaw, Ofasco Ne Beatz played smart by recorded “Afro Pop” which is not a type of beat for Evang IK Aning but he also followed.

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