An advice to all SHS final year students – Mr. Daniel Ofori

     We all know hopefully that by April next year you people will be writing your final external examination(WASCCE) and we all know that it is not easy to pass a C or B. This exams is the one which precisely determine your future whether you can be part of the skilled- labor in our country.

  To be totally honest, you cant be relaxed in studying if you really want to pass with a flying color. I don’t want to scare you with this blog but to make it known to you what lies in front of you and to prepare very well to face it. It is never too late now for you surely you can make a difference you start setting things right my friend. It will only be late when you are done writing the paper so change the notion that it is too late now to set things now.

  Come to think of it, look at the number of students you are competing with to find Yourself a place in any tertiary institution in our country so please put yourselves together and make difference. In conclusion as a recent SHS leaver I want encourage you all that you can do it as I did and exempt God in all that you do and you will com out victorious…….. THANK YOU. 

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