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Recently there had been information that Nigerian government had banned some of the songs of their popular music icons in Nigeria. The songs includes:  Olamide’s “Wo” and “Wavy Level”, Davido’s “Fall” and “If (Remix)”, and 9ice’s “Living Things”.

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This has caused so many citizens in Ghana to appeal to the government to also ban some of the artistes and songs of our various musicians. BenDaniels, who is the manager of 2Paddys, seeks that this must be given a maximum attention because some of our artistes and their songs that are profanes are having too much influence on our youth. Songs from Ebony especially “tweak” depicts a bad deeds and our generations are also learning from her. At times Shatta Wale voice out raw insults to the audience which the industry fold their arms with their mouth shut not giving a comments on it to show that some of our youth are learning from him.

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The radio stations in Ghana must be also regulated, because they had a portion of promoting good music and negative music. We should ban any radio or TV stations that also fall unto the same act. Visuals 100% had very big influences on the generation.

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“Its very pity that, we the people of Ghana allow some of our main stream artistes to have negative influences on our generations. Elders must bear in mind that, the youth are our future leaders and we should nature them in a good deeds. Ban some of the videos and songs which are highly contaminated with  weeds smoking, exposing of nakedness, hair cut style, etc. Any radio and TV stations found in promoting these must be punished”. – said by BenDaniels

Below are some of the songs and videos which must be banned from our entertainment industry.

  • Shatta Wale – Say Fi
  • Yaa Pono – Gbe Nabu
  • Ebony – Tweark (Video)
  • Kofi Kinaata – Confession
  • Ayesem – Police
  • Wutah – Broya
  • Shatta wale – Where You dey
  • Shatta Wale – Taking Over (Video)
  • Kwame Yogot – Wusie
  • Donzy – Club Etc.

Let us promote good musics and videos which naturally depict our Ghanaian culture.

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I am an artiste[s] manager, blogger and website designer.

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