[Breaking News]8 Reason Why Ofasco Ne Beat Should Be Crowned As Best Sound Engineer In Central Music Awards 2018-Brother Ben

<Why should Ofasco Ne Beatz not to be crowned or awarded as BEST SOUND ENGINEER FOR THE CENTRAL MUSIC AWARD(CMA) FOR 2018 AGAIN. Ofasco won the last year 2017 CMA as Best Sound Engineer of the year.The reasons why Ofasco should be awarded again are: 1.Song of the year for 2018 CMA that is, Evangelist l. K.Aning ,Bobolebobo was recorded by Ofasco Ne Beatz and the song has been nominated. 2.Artist of the year Evang.l.K.Aning for 2018 CMA from Ofasco Studio. 3.Gospel Artist of the year Evang.l.K.Aning for 2018 from Ofasco studio for CMA 4.Gospel song of the year for CMA for 2018 by Ohemaa Abigail- Sesa was recorded at Ofasco Studio. 5.Highlife song of the year -Duabo was recorded by Ofasco and has been nominated for CMA 2018 by Sticker. 6.Best Blogging Site of the year also by Ofasco that is Ghanaplay.com and has been nominated. 7. Highlife song of the year has been nominated and was recorded by Ofasco Ne Beatz–Salsa 8.Ofasco Ne Beatz has been nominated as Best Sound Engineer of the year for 2018 CMA.These should tell us that OFASCO should be given the nod as the CMA again because he deserves it. The Most essential thing about Ofasco are: he does the beat, record songs, write songs, he sings also, do backing as well, play drums,he is a keyboardist, he plays Bass guitar, do mastering, Boost the song,do the promo,and others.All these things are being done by the same person. This are the reasons why l said it earlier that OFASCO NE BEATZ should be given the SOUND ENGINEER OF THE YEAR 2018 CMA. Good work done Ofasco Ne Beatz. From BEN NIXON ARTHUR-HAGAN ( BROTHER BEN)

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