I Can Never Forget My Home Guys-Said By Tutulapato


Tutulapato Back Home Bash.


The absence of, to say the youngest ever Ghanaian singer and rapper TUTULAPATO, from his home town Breman Asikuma has consequently hesitated his inclusion in any recent shows with the home boys. This long absence from home has inevitably made his home fans missed him greatly.


However, the good news is finally here, to say that TUTULAPATO “maanyin d3 woyere ne skin tighti” is back home with his whole team, management to collaboratively with the home artists give fans back home what they have been missing and longing for all these years.


One great magnetic field that made this happen aside the expectation from fans, is the entire management of TUTULAPATO “RECOGNISING HOW LONG THEY HAD LEFT HIS ONE AND ONLY HELPER, TEACHER, TRAINER, right from his early days back home ” Breman Asikuma ” and this is no other than the one and only OFASCO NE BEATZ. The sole owner of the NEW KINGS STUDIOS, right here in Asikuma.


They are here to give back to this great engineer all his years of selfless dedication, devotion, commitment and tutorship to TUTULAPATO, at least to elevate his image which of course he so deserves.


Kudus TUTULAPATO and team, for looking back home and not forgetting the helpers of your early days, both fans and Only producer back home.


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