Elmina: New Vision foundation Int holds free health screening

New Vision Foundation International (NVFI), a humanitarian relief and advocacy Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has organised a free health screening for residents of Elmina (Edina Bakano)in the Komenda – Edina -Eguafo Abirem of the central region.

Some fisher folks waiting for their turn

The event was highly patronised as it attracted hundreds of people eager to access free healthcare services and seek counseling on nagging issues confronting their health and well-being as early early as 7:00 am Tuesday morning.

Mr Gabriel Adams who is the founder and Executive Director of New Vision Foundation-International,  disclosed in an interview with Kweku bee abrante that, the major objective  for initiating the  program was to sensitize people on the need to desist from indulging in self-medication, since it poses a great threat to their lives.

He continued that, since many ailments have similar symptoms, the people interpret it to be what they already know, thus resulting in self-medication which does  not help heal the actual ailment and  also lead to harming oneself with the wrong medication”

He therefore appealed to people to seek medical care from the appropriate health facilities and avoid going to quacks and adopting self-medication as many health challenges has similar symptoms and needed proper screening and testing to get the right diagnosis of such conditions.

More than 300 residents of Elmina and its surrounding communities benefited from the Free Health Screening exercise and sensitization  programme .

residents comfortably seated

The exercise was organized in partnership with the Edina Traditional Council, the KEEA Municipal District Assembly, The Municipal Health Directorate(KEEA), and the KEEA Municipal Department of Social Welfare.

Dr Isaac Heman Arthur of Premium Clinic and head of the medical team said they were overwhelmed by the attendance because they exceeded the projected numbers three hours before closing time. He rated the entire programme and its organization as extremely successful.

The following Health Conditions were screened :

Diabetes ( 120 people were screened)

Hypertension/ Blood Pressure(280 people were screened )

Hepatitis B ( 150 people were screened )

Body Max Index ( 280)

Breast screening ( 155)

Source: Kwaku Bee Abrante



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