[Entertainment News] Kasiebo Exposed Pyno Marble For Blowing His Trumpet


Pyno Marble whom is a signed dancehall artiste on Damcity Empire recently throwing news on kumikasa.com that he is the only dancehall artiste in Eastern Region and the rest of them are SANKWAS.

“When it comes to Eastern music, Reggae/Dancehall artistes there is no one than me PYNO MARBLE and the rest are SANKWAS trust me.” – PYNO MARBEL

KASIEBO, who is a signed dancehall artiste on Jagonzy Iconz Production and a Speech Nation Prince with a couple of songs such as Bad By Far, Blessing, No Joke etc. and the current trending song BOKOO share his comments on what Pyno Marble said and it seems to Kasiebo that the artiste always put a square object unto a round object.

Kasiebo was interviewed on the above article and he stated:

“I just saw it bro….. Dude is funny ruff. I almost vomited when I listened to his tunes. Empty barrels will always make the most noise. Hahahahaha!!!.

Let him make the noise. At the end of the day we will see the one who is SANKWAS. Kofcity have talented dancehall artistes and this guy is not one of them koraaaa. Respect to Nature Runks, Syrup, Saego and Chuku Lion. Real soldiers – This Marble guy is a comedian.” – KASIEBO


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