[Entertainment News] Reasons why Kweku Bee will win the DJ Awards in Central

Reasons why Kweku Bee will win the DJ awards in Central

First of all, kindly vote for Kweku Bee Abrante by texting CEN KWEKU BEE ABRANTE to short code 1736.

Kweku Bee Abrante is a DJ, Presenter, News Caster etc. which he have contributed a lot to the upcoming artistes in mostly central region and other part of Ghana. Kweku Bee Abrante won Best Music promoter in CMA 16 (Central Music Awards 2016) and also Best Entertainment show host in central region by Foklex Media. He is the only DJ whom works with two radio stations in central region which is Osagyafo FM – Mankessim and Okokroko FM – Cape Coast.

He collates top 5 songs which are trending in central region to Adom Airtel Chart show hosted by Andy Dosty.

The following are the reasons you should vote for Kweku Bee Abrante:

  • He is the CMA (Central Music Awards) Best Music Promoter in central region.
  • 2017 host of the best entertainment show in central region Awarded by Foklex Media.
  • He always promotes over 1,000 upcoming to the top.
  • He gave lots of underground artistes the opportunity to be heard on radio.
  • Plays on Okokroko FM 96.9 in Cape Coast
  • Plays on Osagyefo FM 106.1 in Mankessim
  • Host of Osagyefo Entertainment Dig in Mankessim.
  • Disseminate top 5 songs in central region to Adom Airtel Chart Show hosted by Andy Dosty.
  • He played and MC’s most of the big shows in central region.

Follow him on social media as followed:

Facebook: Kweku Bee Abrante

Instagram: Kweku _Bee_Abrante

Twitter: Kwekub48

Whatsapp: +233249111453

Watch him displaying his DJing skills


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