Ewurama Badu deserves state burial – Afrikaba Ronnie

The president of Agona Gomoa Music Union (AGMU) have stated that the legend Ewurama Badu deserves a sate burial from the republic of Ghana due to her contributions to the growth of Ghana music industry. Afrikaba continues that, Ewurama Badu’s hardworking is equivalent to Yaa Asantewaa. She proves that “What man can do a woman can do bettter”.

Legends and heroes of a country are people we give them state burial of which the late goddess of Ghana music can’t be deprived from such befitting honour. I say this because when we look back into our musical history, The “komkom na maye” hit maker was one of the brave women who stood firm to push Africa music to the world despite the primitive mentality attached to women doing music in their days.

She was a great song writer and a performer we can always boast of. Given her such honor will encourage more women to enter into the entertainment franity despite the social difficulties and beliefs. As a member of MUSIGA, I will plead the authorities to make this happen to show maximum respect to our women in the industry.

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