Fancy Gadam And Maccasio Are Fighting Over VGMA

The VGMA controversies has already started as some artist are not able to to make it to their target categories.

Music lovers especially in the northern part of Ghana believe their stars has been cheated.

Maccasio and Fancy Gadam who are said to be the backbone of northern music has failed to make it to their target category.

Fancy Gadam who was confident of making it to the AOTY category has been left disappointed. Fancy Gadam’s ‘Total cheat’ which was one of the biggest songs in 2017 wasn’t nominated in Best Collaboration Song and video of the yeyear.

Maccasio, on the other hand was one of the emerging artistes who worked tirelessly under the the year of review. He we able to put up his own shows and recorded not less than 15k attendance in each. He also released hit tracks like ‘inside’ ft Zeal of VIP,’Barawo ft Career and many more making him unique artist northerners will aiming to see in new artist category but he couldn’t also make it there.

Fancy Gadam on other hand has really made a lot this year by penetrating with his songs and events. We were all looking forward for him in this various of categories
Artist of the year
Best Video of the year
Best collaboration of the year which he wasn’t nominated but bagged two nominations which are
Song of the year and
best hiplife song of the year.

I see it been that, there won’t be anything that can stop north or our two champs from picking the various awards for the categories they been nominated for because last year as Fancy Gadam won served as evidence breaking their record of voting and history will repeat itself, but they don’t want those big awards coming to North. Let’s come together and stop those post we put on social media for likes and comments and the cheap fame we want and come together to win big when we go for national assignment but when it’s time for our local awards we do such for our various arts to win.

Do you think Maccasio and Fancy Gadam has been cheated?
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