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I feel very embarrassed when I listened to what Nana Yaw Oduro aka Funny Face said about his marital issues. I could see Funny Face took marriage as simple as comedy. Marriage is a complicated journey that one has to be well equipped before taking a step. Its not just about riches or fame. The greatest mistake he did is to consider the looks of a woman to marry her.

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Aside that a man should be able to take care of his home affairs fully to sustain his marriage. I am trying to believe what his ex-wife Elizabeth Ntim said that he is a 2 minutes man. If I were him I wouldn’t have pushed the issue to the media that much. Now the cat is out of the bag. Ghanaians are pointing figures at the ex-wife due to what Funny Face said with no evidence.

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All I want him to know now is to be careful if he wants to marry again. He has to be ready both physically and spiritually before taking another wife. If truly he can’t perform in bed, then he should treat himself better before picking another wife. And this time he should not go only for the body structure, he should be vigilant enough to pick his standard because fame or being a celebrity is different from being a husband.

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And to the public we must all take lessons from this issue because marriage is not like a comedy.

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