Gabby McAn Warns Bullet Over Ebony Reign

Ebonys manager bullet talks basa basa like he’s the only great artiste manager ghana has ever gotten.

Masa it’s your time so stop bragging and learn more towards pushing your artistes you have on your record label.
The fact that you write songs for ebony and you made her does not make you God and for that matter you should stand in public with all sort of disgrace that she can’t write her own songs. Music is a team work!!! that’s why there is a need for a manager, artiste, producer, composers and a record label. They all come together to make sure a song is cooked well before brought to the public. I don’t think any manager will allow his or her artiste to come out with a song which is not well composed. So it the duty of the team to ensure a good composition before released.
Listen if you are an artiste manager then you need to learn management well and have a good foresight about what strategies can keep my artiste to last long in the system without fading and stop thinking without you your artistes on your record label are nothing.

What if something happens and you part ways with your hit artistes or a good record label signs them after your terms with them, do you think they will forever remain under your label?

Masa talk well next time Cox the whole of Ghana is watching you and other artistes and artiste managers are watching you.
Put pride and brag and bossy feeling aside and stay tune with your artiste to help ghana conquer the world in music.
To other artiste managers please learn from what I have written and make your artistes praise your good work not you praising yourselves to the public.

Reference: An interview with you and the media questioning you about your artistes on your record label.

From :Gabby McAn
To : Bullet(Ebonys manager)
Cc : Other artiste managers

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