‘Ghanaian rappers are sleeping’ – Pope Skinny

Rapper Pope Skinny has pledged to revive dying hardcore rap in the Ghanaian music space. According to him, the emergence of commercial music has cornered all the talented rappers into singing, a situation he says has caused a decline in the industry.

Speaking with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM Tuesday, Pope Skinny said he’ll put measures in place to revive the hip-hop rap genre in Ghana.

“The rappers in Ghana are dead and not working because rap doesn’t sell anymore so everyone is singing. We’re trying to put the rappers on their toes. I am trying to tell all the sleeping rappers to wake up…” he said.

Asked about what he meant by rap being dead since rappers like Sarkodie, EL, Manifest, among others are still present in the game, Pope said they were all sleeping because what they do isn’t hard anymore.

Pope added that critics who label him a mere rapper are people who don’t listen to his songs.

“When I am saying rap is dead I mean we all slept at a point in time. It’s not about who you like. Who should resurrect rap when everyone is sleeping? Sarkodie is my guy and I wouldn’t say anything to hurt him. Every rapper is asleep and they will wake up. I have to feel the Sarkodie I knew way back. We can do our love songs but once we are rappers lets wake up for those who love rap to jam to it…” he explained.

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