I Nearly Killed Myself – Wayoosi Confess

Actor Joseph Nana Osei Kofi known in the limelight as Wayoosi has confessed that he played a part in the kidney disorder or in the improper functioning of his kidney that nearly caused his death.

In an interview with Fresh boy Papa J on the Enterchat show with close monitoring, he revealed that due to excessive intake of alcoholic beverages,less intake of water, enjoying more meat and chopping more spicy foods resulted in his kidney malfunctioning.

When asked if the rumors that was circulating about him being dead affected him,he said “I never paid heed to the rumors about me being dead, because if death paid me a visit, would have embraced it”.

He further said the anguish and trauma,he faced with, each and every blessed day of his life,he never imagined he would sustain it.

The “Dada boat” series hitmaker told he released a song titled “Aseda” after his life was spared by God through saviors like Joy Dadi Industry’s CEO’s who gave their support in gathering the amount to pay his dialysis each and everyday, the dialysis which cost Gh 3,000.00.

According to him, the movie industry is in coma, specifying that “dumsor” made business run at a loss,fake directors playing the role of professional directors and preferencial differences among movie directors in the selection of actors or actresses in roles casting in a specific movie.

The “matrikewo” hitmaker so far concluded there are no issues with his fellow actors lilwin and Agya Koo.
He advised that movie directors should use well known actors to play roles that fit their ages in the movies instead of using the upcoming actors in covering up roles for the aged actors or actresses to reduce too much comic in the movies.Watch the interview below

Source: Kumikasa

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