Is Adepa a disgrace to our music industry?

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Afia Adepa a central region based artiste from Assin Fosu and a Dancehall artiste with her latest release dubbed “CONDEMN” making waves into the ghanaian music market recently made some attacks on mzvee and Kakie claiming they are all not doing dancehall music but Burger hiplife music which shouldn’t be classified as a dancehall music because it has no rhythms of a dancehall and lyrically bad to fit in a dancehall category.

Her second attack on our late Ebony reigns claiming when we are talk of beauty and starture Ebony is no where to be compared to hers because she was tactically created and her beauty is natural and beyond even without makeups, she furthered saying she will soon take over Ghana dancehall music despite she being a lady and no female artiste in the country can challenge her talent nor bring her down.

This issue was later discussed by some executive members of the central musics on their platform of which she gained some positive followers on her attack on Mzvee, Kakie and Ebony reigns and others like Gabby McAn who manages Jesus Crew musicals and current PRO of the AG music union described her act as a disgrace to our music industry.

Further to the public, Is this act a disgrace or she nailed the fact?
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