Jeneral Rojah Stopped Music Over Animal Farming

The dancehall warrior in Agona Swedru, Roger Anane Cudjor popularly known as Jeneral Rojah had quit music business for animal Farming.

Jeneral Rojah who is the hitman of songs such as Fomtonfrom, On Point, Anaconda, etc had seen that animal farming is more lucrative than music. He has poultry which comprises of Ducks, Guinea fowl, Broilers and also goats, sheep, etc.

He said, although he is doing music but his concentration is on animal farming. He then used our medium to call on those who will need goats, sheep, Guinea fowl, Broilers, Duck etc during this Christmas to contact him for affordable price.

“Yes, I feel proud for been engage in animal farming because it’s also a support to my music career as we know it hard to enter the market. If you need some animals for this Christmas, call me and I will deliver for an affordable price.” – Jeneral Rojah 0545055646.

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