I knew Ofasco Ne Beatz will win the Best Sound Engineer-Said By Pastor A D Prince

I knew ofasco will win in his category-said by Pastor A D Prince:


I experienced an inner peace as soon as I saw the promo ad requesting to vote OFASCO as the the 2017 CMA Best Sound engineer.


This inner peace developed into a strong Conviction that OFASCO will win in his category.


Numerous personal calls and Whatsapp chat with the said nominee at the time confirmed this strong conviction.


Please read this:


[12/25, 9:14 AM] A D Prince: Ofa

[12/25, 9:14 AM] A D Prince: Tomorrow is the day

[12/25, 9:14 AM] Ofasco: Yh

[12/25, 9:14 AM] Ofasco: I make hot wruff

[12/25, 9:14 AM] A D Prince: 😁

[12/25, 9:15 AM] A D Prince: I go bi

[12/25, 9:15 AM] Ofasco: I trust u Pastor

[12/25, 9:15 AM] A D Prince: I dey wait for the good news saying, I WIN THE THINGOOO

[12/26, 8:44 AM] Ofasco: *Fenx For Your Vote*

*Let Pray for winning*

[12/26, 8:51 AM] A D Prince: Sure. Am waiting for your call


The above was one of the numerous positive chats between Pastor A.D Prince and the said nominee a day before the awards day.


Ofasco deserves this award not just because he is a good engineer, but a great team player, a brother to all, a giver and above all a God fearing Christian.


Thank you Lord for this victory, and for confirming your word.





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