A Letter To Ebony Reigns By Afrikaba Ronnie

Recently media had been publicized a nudes pictures and videos of Ebony during her video shooting. So many people have talked about her which she must put a stop to it or re brand herself again. BenDaniels wrote about it and now its Afrikaba Ronnie.

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And I quote:

I must first of all congratulate your hardworking in the music industry as a woman. You have been able to break into the domain with your wonderful talent. I like you because you are bold and open. When we say beauty, God has given you enough as a black woman. From your hair to your toe, you truly deserve to be on a side of a great king.

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My dear sister Ebony Reigns, it’s becoming like your current fame is driving you out of your morality and conscience. I expect you to be a positive role model to the upcoming female artistes and other young females but it’s rather unfortunate you are becoming a bad or negative influence to our nation and even the Africa continent as a whole. If you have forgotten, go back to the history and learn about Mzbel and how she suffered from Ghanaians.

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Ebony! Watch out and be a critical thinker because the very mouths that brought your fame have started complaining about your current attitudes. Nudity doesn’t brand you as a professional and a legendary musician in Africa. Be careful if people are pushing you to go that far, they have their hidden agenda and a woman you must cover yourself in other to be precious and valuable. You have now gotten the fame and I expect you to be a positive role model than trying to be a curse to our society.

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My beautiful sister, as our local saying goes, “oba yansafo wobu nob3 na wonka no as3m” a word to a wise is enough. I will rest my long talk here but hope you will start learning henceforth.  I am your faithful fun. Said by Afrikaba Ronnie

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