Listen To The Youth – Shatta Wale To Nana Addo

Arrival in Ghana from his Europe tour, dance hall artiste Shatta Wale has expressed worry about complaints by the youth that things are hard. Shatta Wale who recently called Ghana ‘a village’ while performing at a show in London took to Facebook on Tuesday to reiterate the sentiment of people on the ‘streets.’

In the post, he noted that the youth are unhappy about hard economic conditions in the country.

“Remember when the youth rise there is no stopping cuz everybody is saying it loud now ..”Chale money no deh “ “the system hard “ myjob spoil “ this government has failed us” Yes this is what the street issaying and anyone who will comment and say am lying is a damn liar himself ..

Mr president stand up !!!” he wrote.

This is not the first time the Dancehall King has complained about the economic conditions. He expressed disappointment in the seeming neglect of young people by politicians in successive governments noting that the “youth are complaining.”

Speaking on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue a few months ago, the ‘Gringo’ hit maker warned that the youth of the country may soon rebel due to disappointments from politicians.

He, however, said he will continue appealing to politicians to focus on improving upon the lives of young people in the country.

While advocating for the young people to be given the opportunity to lead in the country, he criticized politicians for focusing on issues not relevant to the development of young people in the country.

“I’ll go for it because I believe Ghana is not for one person.. It is for all of us and if people feel I have that strength to talk for them [why not?]. They [politicians] shouldn’t come and blame me in future when the eyes of the youth open and they feel like we are tired. That time, it wouldn’t be violence or anything but they will just want that leader who can speak for them. I am ready to negotiate with the politicians. I will do that for the youth of Ghana. For the next generation… Our leaders also need to watch this side of life because the youth are complaining.”

“Let’s give the youth the chance. Don’t let us watch the country like that and when we go to Dubai we want to take pictures…When you come to Circle to campaign and they vote for you, do your job…If the leaders don’t pay attention to us [the youth], and they feel the only thing they can do for us is to come on TV and speak big grammar, they’ll get pissed. Politicians need to wake up, otherwise one day, Ghana will wake up one morning and they will hear people say Shatta Wale should be president,” he said.

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