Medikal Caught With Another Girlfriend Chatting About Fella Makafui Leaks (Photos)

An alleged chat between Medikal and another lady he is hitting on has surfaced online.

In the chat Medikal is literally asking the lady to be his’side chic’ – But the lady vehemently opposed his proposal and asked him to choose between her and Fella The love affair between Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui and AMG rapper, Medikal is one of the most talked about entertainment news stories in 2018.

Since the two officially stopped being cockroaches, as SisterDerby described them in her ‘Kakalika Love’ track, and came out of the shadows as lovers, they have always made the headlines. From stories surrounding Fella Makafui’s cars being seized by her ‘sugar daddy’ and Medikal buying her a new one to them trolling Sister Derby with her own Kakalika song, the couple have exhibited so much love in public.

But it looks like it is not the same in the closet as Medikal is said to be keeping another relationship.

Medikal, however, asked the lady to calm down for them to discuss the matter in a matured way but she refused saying it was either her or Fella. The rapper at some point begged the lady to have video chat with him but she blatantly refused saying it was late.

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