Miss Curves 2018 Audition

The African woman is naturally blessed with beauty talent and skill which sometimes makes them vulnerable under certain circumstances. Most of them are tagged with the perception that their body size and natural endowment makes them dependent on others or have no talent or skill. An interesting turn is when their body sizes and curves deters them from getting employment at some institutions or those who are lucky are also labeled as using their body shape to get what they have.

Most women see other women with curves as a threat to them in both their professional and personal lives especially when men are involved. The fact that a woman is naturally blessed with curves does not mean talent or skill has eluded the fellow, it simply means she has an added advantage in her body’s sculpture.

Miss Curves

MISS CURVES WITH TALENT AND SKILL 2018 is a talent and skill hunting pageantry for African women who are physically naturally endowed with curves and have talent or have acquired a skill. The program focuses on true African women who irrespective of their body side and endowment have talent and specially acquired skills to show. The show is designed to create a single platform that has women with skill and talent challenging one another for the talent crown. The show is targeted at giving these women with skill and talent an international platform to show the world what they can do irrespective of their body shape.

Organizers of the Pageantry are hoping to have women who are skilled, etc. artisans, caterers, stunt artists, musicians, actors and several others. All one needs is Talent, skill and the curves to compete. The first season is under the theme “the African woman; bridging beauty with talent and skill”

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