1. to protect the creative and performing rights of all musicians in the country.
  2. To have a meaningful voice in decisions that affect musicians.
  3. To promote the healthy growth of the Music Industry in Ghana.
  4. To develop the talents and skills of musicians.
  5. To ensure that the musician’s voice is heard at every level of government to create economic opportunity and foster social justice in a democratic and progressive Union.
  6. Seek and maintain the best interest of musicians.
  7. To promote research into indigenous music and culture.
  8. To affiliate with all organizations which seek to promote the well-being of musicians in Ghana, Africa and the world.
  9. To build a good relationship with all cultural attaches in the various embassies with the view to promoting Cultural exchange programs.
  10. To cater for the welfare of retired musicians.
  11. To raise and maintain high standards for practicing musicians.
  12. To educate members on the profession and business of music.
  13. To facilitate the provision of health, life and accident insurance for members.
  14. To stimulate interest in the different musical traditions.
  15. To work for the recognition that the expression of music is a fundamental human right. 16. To develop highly trained and motivated leaders at every level of the Union to reflect the membership in all its diversity: To achieve these objectives, musicians must commit to treating each other with respect and dignity without regard to ethnicity, creed sex, age, religion, disability, citizenship, marital and family status, or national origin; Honoring the standard and expectations collectively set in pursuit of the vision, supporting and following the constitution adopted.

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