[New] Court strikes out petition of Concerned market women

Cape coast Kotokuraba market brouhaha :
Court strikes out petition of Concerned market women to join suit

31st July 2017
Cape coast
Kweku bee abrante

The Cape coast high court II has struck out a writ filed by the concerned market women of Cape Coast to join the suit between Sabina Tweneboa, 7 others and the Central regional minister Kwamena Duncan.

The writ filed by the concerned market women and led by their lawyer Victor Kojoga Adawudu, was seeking to join the suit no. E12/30/15 that exist between Sabina Tweneboah, Tweneboah and the Hon. Regional minister and 4 others as respondents on the 30th January 2017.

The market women are joining the suit to fight for their fare share of the Kotokuraba market distribution however, their petition was stuck out by his Lordship Justice Kwesi Dapaah on grounds that there is no case of that kind that they can join.

He explained that the parties in the said case have decided to discontinue the case and that ends it.

He further advised the concerned market women to file for a fresh case if they intend to start a new legal tussle.

Lawyer for the concerned market women Victor Kojoga Adawudu in an exclusive interview with Kweku Bee Abrante stated that that they will be filing for a fresh case only if his clients gives him the go ahead.

However, plaintiff for the case ,the concerned market women sought to join, Sabina Tweneboah revealed, she is no longer interested in pursuing the case. She explained she has realized the fight will continue as the stores are not enough to be distributed among all the women.


The Kotokuraba market  was inaugurated in November last year after which a committee was constituted to allocate the stores to the traders.

However, some traders who felt they were being sidelined took the assembly to court and secured an injunction on the allocation.

On assumption of office, the Regional Minister, Mr Kwamena Duncan, asked that the case be withdrawn from the court for an amicable settlement.

He subsequently reconstituted the committee to reallocate the stores.

However, the concerned assembly members and market women later accused the minister and the new committee of allocating the stores to new people and leaving them out.

According to the concerned assembly members and market women lots of people were given the lockable stores illegally, who were not original occupants, have never owned lockable stores in the market whose names were used fraudulently to substitute the original owners,”

The spokesperson also alleged that the authorities had been selling the allocation to people who were not the original occupants, thereby contravening the laws of the assembly and the initial agreement the assembly had with the traders.

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