Nkansah Lil Win Apologized To Patapaa And Vow Not To Released “Corner Corner” Video

Nkansah Lil Win of BossNation was accused by Patapaa (One Corner Hit maker) for attempted to steal his song. Lil Win who is popularly known in the movie and music industry as a comedian/artistes had been blasted through the social media for releasing Corner Corner song and shooting a music video to combat the fame of Pataapa One Corner. It was alleged that Nkansah Lil Win had render an apology to Patapaa and Swedru citizens.

Patapaa Amisty, the composer of the song indicates that Lil Win is trying to rake in from the song by insisting that they have a remix version of the song to have the actor’s name on the record.

“He wants to record the song with the caption Lil Win X Patapaa. What is the meaning of the X?” the hit maker quizzed.Patapaa disclosed that after several failed attempts by Lil Win’s manager to have him agree to the deal, Lil Win contacted him personally to say that he was disappointed in Patapaa’s unyielding attitude.

According to him, Lil Win and his manager were so desperate to record the remix that, they requested to have the song’s data sent to them via WhatsApp after realising that he was reluctant to meet them in Kumasi.

The Swedru-based artiste was outraged by Lil Win’s unending attempt to take advantage of his song thus making him ignore phone calls from Lil Win’s camp.

He also expressed fears over rumours that Lil Win intends to record a new song with the same title.


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