Nkansah Lil Win Is A Shameful Artiste – 2Paddys

There have been a crash between Nkansah Lil Win and Patapaa “One Corner” which Lil Win wanted to steal One Corner song from Patapaa.

The duo musicians called 2Paddys, Osofo Gajo hit maker had raised a concern on Lil win “Corner Corner” track which was assumed to hinder the fame of Patapaa Amisty “One Corner” hit as a shameful decision.

2Paddys said looking at the brand quality Nkansah Lil Win had built, he shouldn’t have  released that track called “Corner Corner”. Moreover, the track is found of profane lyrics which should be even banned from the music industry.

The musician said, Patapaa Amisty and Pa 2 Pa solidiers had gotten full support of Agona Swedru citizens and central region as a whole. Citizens of Agona Swedru are very angry with Nkansah Lil win and he should not joke with Patapaa Amisty “One corner”, if not then they will end his career,

Scrolling through social media, it indicated that citizens of Ghana have lost respect for Nkansah Lil Win.

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