Ofasco is Aiming not only CMA But World Recognition by Pastor A D Prince


Ofasco Ne Beatz

By Transformar A.D Prince

Knowing this great sound engineer has cleared the misconception I had about those in the career to be money conscious and unfriendly. This great man here, loves to bond with his clients in friendship and in doing so pours his heart out in creating unique work for each client, whether upcoming artist or known, I like his Gospel product


The reigning current central region best sound engineer and the sole owner of the “NEW KHINGS STUDIO”, is not aiming for the CMA, but I say this based on his work for me personally(a still trending tune titled ” Get Saved), this great man here after producing the track, helped with the promo, got me an FM station to first play the track all for free, YES FREE, and anywhere the tune is played, people keep asking “woow,who played the beat?” and the numerous fans across the whole nation like Koo Ntakra, Sticker(who shaked the just ended TV3 music music stage), Amwan, to mention a few, that Ofasco has gained the entire nations recognition and therefore befits a national award. Being an engineer is not all about playing nice beats, but the relationship between the engineer and artist is paramount and OFASCO has it all. I am looking forward for the next best national sound engineer and it should be no one else than: OFASCO Ne Beatz


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