Ofasco Ne Beatz deserves Best Sound Engineer Of this years CMA-Said By Papa Kumasi-(Kumawood Actor)




Ofasco ne beatz who is one of the best engineers in Central Region and has produced songs

like,Give Thanks by Koo Ntakra..Concert Party by Kwame yogot..Wusie by Kwame Yogot still trending..Too Big By Gojit feat Kahpun..Bom By Duke D2 feat Dormaani..Over load by Twicy…Salsa by Amwan..style Bia bi by Amwan..Twitwabi na da by Hygee feat Twicy..Wei Tue wa sei by MVee feat Sticker…NaaMe by Sticker..Bibia Beye fine by Phlexooo.. Already made By AmWan. etc.

In  GhanaMusic researches we have done he(Ofasco ne beatz) deserves best producer of the year in this year’s CMA awards.

“For a producer to produce a song such as ‘Oman Ghana’ by Koo Ntakra which has been picked by Afia Pokua (Vim Lady) of Adom fm used as one of the songs on her highly listened show Burning Issues is worthy of an award for the best Producer of the year in the region.”

“From our researches,he has really worked hard this year and past years and he deserves to be rewarded as best producer of the year in this year’s CMA awards which will come off in Central Region.

He is one of the best engineers in Central Region,he works hard and he produces quality songs which comes out to be a hit song in Central Region.

He has produced countless hits in Central region.

Said Papa Kumasi(Kumawood Actor)



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