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Apoga Entertainment Studios is a mother of Apoga Films and AES Images handle by Samuel Arhin. Apoga’s touch is of excellence with good cinematic cameras.

Our services are legitimately affordable which anyone can book us on the following numbers:

+1 (757) 581-3111
+233 31 229 7265
0245110030 – WhatsApp

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Years ago we noticed local photographers walking around with their 600mm lenses, or see photos online taken with expensive gear, and we would ask ourself: would we ever be able to shoot with something like that?. Now Apoga Entertainment Studios have made it so easily for Artistes, DJs, etc.

Apoga Entertainment Studio undertake the below following services:

Film editing
Music video production
Advance motion graphics
Advance 3D logo and visual effects
Poster designing
Film directing n shooting
Script writting.
Drone piloting
Coverages. ( wedding,funerals, parties and all kinds of event).

+1 (757) 581-3111
+233 31 229 7265

Follow him on Facebook: Samuel Arhin

We have in our stores the below video equipments :

Dolly track
Shoulder Mount
Phantom 4 drone
7d mark II
Red Mx camera
Lighting parks etc.

Details of the equipments

Dolly Track: 

The camera dollymay be used as a shooting platform on any surface but is often raised onto a track, to create smooth movement on a horizontal axis known as a tracking shot. Additionally, most professional film studio dollies have a hydraulic jib arm that raises or lowers the camera on the vertical axis.

7D Mark II:
20MP Dual-Pixel AF CMOS Sensor
10 fps continuous shooting with autofocus
65 all cross-type autofocus sensor
150,000 RGB + IR pixel metering sensor
Dual Digic 6 processors
Enhanced environmental sealing
Compact Flash (UDMA) and SD (UHS-I) slots
USB 3.0
Built-in GPS
Larger-capacity LP-E6N battery
Shutter speeds up to 1/8000th seconds
Shutter rated to 200,000 cycles (vs 150,000 on 7D)

Phantom 4 Drone:

The DJI Phantom 4 is the smartest flying camera DJI has ever created. Able to fly intelligently with a tap, automatically create seamless tracking shots, fly intelligently over or around obstacles and much more.

A dual satellite positioning system and an enhanced Vision Positioning System provides the Phantom 4 with a safer, more reliable flight experience both outdoors and indoors.
Capable of capturing 4K video at 30 frames per second and slow motion 1080p at 120 frames per second, creating impressive footage has never been so easy.

A 3-axis u-frame camera stabilization system cancels out unwanted camera movements during flight.

A dual compass module and dual Inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs) greatly increases reliability.

Fly at up to 45mph with satellite and Vision Positioning support with the new Sport Mode on Phantom 4.

Shoulder Mount:

A should rig is further stabilized by having more points of contact than by simply holding the camera with your hands. Here the cinemacanix rig wraps around the operator’s shoulder acting as one large point of contact.
Checking your comfort
Once your rig is balanced the first thing you should check is your comfort.

Red Mx Camera:

The redefined digital cinema upon its arrival, democratizing 4K capture and challenging the status quo. Utilizing an S35mm image plane, the RED ONE displays a natural depth of field from 2K to 4.5K resolutions. Seize every moment with the ability to capture anywhere from 1-120 fps onto high-speed RED CF or SSD media. Interchangeable lens mounts and free firmware updates keep the RED ONE versatile, letting you and your equipment thrive on the cutting edge.

Contact us:
+1 (757) 581-3111
+233 31 229 7265
0245110030 – WhatsApp only
Follow him on Facebook: Samuel Arhin

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