Only God Can Judge Me – Real MC To Traducers

Real MC, ewe and fante hip hop artiste signed under Harbour City Records has sent a strong and touching message to his fault-finders who always judge him on his behaviors to stop because only God can do so.

Real MC in his latest song titled “Only God” featured Red Eye and Tsantsa said, he has hustled from his music career since Cape Coast which no one but few offered support. God’s blessings made Harbour City Records to heard his prayers so no man can judge him because no one knows who will go to heaven or hell unless “Only God”. He continues that, he was seriously sick and “Only God intervenes to heal him and he gives thanks to His name alone. 


He said carpers know that what they say about him is not true but they keep on doing the wrong things. He emphasis that, his mother is not alive so he is very careful dealing with humans and he will be responsible to the family left behind. 

In addition to, Real MC said he is more focus now and really moving forward because his life is in the hands of Jehovah.

The song will be released on Thursday (8th November, 2018) officially on with  visual which after listening to the music, you will have same remark with us.

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