Patapaa “One Corner” Hit Is A Miracle From God And Not JuJu – J Crew

We are Jesus Crew from Agona swedru in the central region of Ghana. Even tho we make gospel music but we will like to use this platform to honour Patapa Amesty who is also in Agona swedru for making ‘One Corner’ a hit song across the world.

Gabby MacAn


From the public to our hearing,rumours circulating indicates that one corner track by the swedru based artiste ,Patapa,has passed through numerous incantation and meditation from juju men and lesser gods just to make the track a hit song across the nation.It was further noted that one corner dance which is dominating the world is a satanic dance from the seas but the manager for Jesus crew, Gabby McAn States that one corner track is a naturally hit song and by his eyes witnessing it hit.

The one corner dance is naturally and genuinely hit so he writes to the public a big NO to those saying the track and it’s dance is false and satanic.
This are fallacies and false rumours just to destroy the image of Patapa Amesty and Agona swedru. He concludes by saying anyone who judges the song as satanic will be sued and especially to our brothers in the Ashanti region.

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