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Tony Mensah was born in Breman Asikuma on the date of 18th July. Tony Mensah, popularly branded as Ofasco Ne Beat is Ghanaian record producer and mix engineer known for producing hit songs such as

Ofasco Ne Neat At His Studio

Koo Ntakra – Edumfa

Tuutulapatu – God Is My Saviour

Kwame Yogot – Wusie

Amwan – Salsa

Sticker – Fior Kokor

2Paddys – Turn Me On

Gojit – My Time



2016: Central Music Awards (NOMINATED)


Ofasco Ne Beat started in 2012 after graduated from music school called Holy Cross Music.  He has worked with Koo Ntakra, Kwame Yogot, D2, Sticker, Tuutulapatu, Gojit, Twicy, Kaphun, 2Paddys, Amwan, etc. Ofasco Ne Beat is the sound engineer for New Khings Studios. He also has a hobby of remaking instrumentals of mainstream songs.



Below are some of his works which he has produced.

Koo Ntakra

Edumfa, Attention, Thiobenke, Your Love, Give Thanks, Ahyew, Oman Ghana, Etc.


Killer, Burkina, God Is My Saviour

Kwame Yogot

Wusie, Broken Twi, Borla, Agolomagega, Real Nega Friend, Me, Akpokalyto, We No See Dem, Concert Party, Etc


Pawpaw, Africa Woman, Putuubiuw, Down Low, Salsa, Odo Ntsentan, Fake Love, Weather, Style Bia Bi, If (Twi Verson), Time, Corruption, Already Made, etc


Fio Kokor, Naame, etc


Turn Me On, Am Sorry, Borga, Broken Heart, etc


My Time, Mate Ahwi Wo Dom, Worry, Low Battery, Too Big, etc


Head Up, Overload, etc

And many more artistes.

Ofasco Ne Beat At Studio





Whatsapp or call: (00233)-0244264073

Facebook Page: Ofasco Ne Beat Ghana

Facebook Account: Tony Mensah

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