Shocked! Read What Pinky Told Her Fans

Dorcas Nyamekye Coffie with her stage name Pinky, formally known as Nyamekye is a young talented Afro-Pop,Afro Dancehall Reggae artiste fighting to make it big in life.

Pinky had one on one chat with her fans on her music career and the below are some questions and answers. Enjoy.

How will you take if l heard a news about you.?

Pinky Gh: U see this music life we living. U have to be ready for every.  Cause is not always u will hear good things about u. Some will love u, Others will hate u for no reason… So u have to take anything that comes on ur way with good faith. If been good or bad and move on. If not u can never be focused

Pinky, how did you get into the music business??
Pinky Gh: Well I was a dancer for the gospel artist here in Ghana
And all those time have been dancing I new I had the voice to sing
But was just waiting for the right time…
And God been so Good
I entered into the music seen through one gospel artist name’s Matison Larbi
He ask me to sing for home one day on phone when talking to him
And he was like,so u have such a voice and u sleeping on it.
If u dnf work on this beautiful voice u have,God will take it away from u
That’s when I started paying attention to my voice
And this how far have come

Did you ever think you wouldn’t get this far?
Pinky Gh: No,i new I will go far
But not that fast like this

Who is Pinky?
Pinky Gh: Pinky is a young talented Afro-Pop,Afro Dancehall Reggae artist
Fighting to make it big in life

What’s your Real name? … real lyf
Pinky Gh: Real Name Is Dorcas Nyamekye Coffie
So that means am still Nyamekye
So those who are worried about the change of name. Dnt be. We just changed the stage name

Pinky baby so I want u to tell me one challenge u facced when u started this music business?
Pinky Gh: One of the biggest challenge I faced which as been my biggest problem is…
People who wana sleep with u before they help u…
U have ur God given talent
And someone wana enter u before…..hmmmmmmmmmm
Is not easy
But I Thank God for have such a wonderful and hard working Team
Who don’t demand anything from me,before doing anything for me
God bless u all

Do you have a record label?
Are you a member of any music organization?
Pinky Gh: Not under any label for now
But have a management Team working so hard to get me there.

How can fans to be gain access to your music?
Do you have a website with sample songs or demo CD?
Pinky Gh: Ok
We have not released any album yet
Hopefully soon
But u can get all my already released songs one Google
By typing my formal name
Itz Nyamekye Music
There u will see all my songs
And my one official video I released for my song simple gyal link video to YouTube.

Was it always your goal to become a musician??
Pinky Gh: Not really
But it just happened
Talent located me
And have never regret that…
Cause I love music.

What do you feel is de best song you ve released and wy?
Pinky Gh: My best song is not out yet.

What can we do as fans to help u get derr?
Pinky Gh: By promoting my songs,my image
And short short videos
And also
More hype on social media.

Who do you want to have a Collaboration with in the next months*
Pinky Gh: List:

Kwami Eugene
King Promise
Shatta wale
Any off this great guys

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