Sonnie Badu Did Not Condemn “One Corner “- Afrikaba Ronnie

Sonni Badu did not condemn One Corner.   I woke up and heard a lot of comments on social media that Sonnie Badu has condemned One Corner but after watching his video I realize he has no much knowledge of the song. He cautioned parents to be watchful on how their children dance to the song not to get them into injury.

But for him to say the song is not knowledgeable, I think he should go back to his classroom to learn English language. Patapaa emphasized on sanitation and road safety in the song so if he says we cannot present the song to any prestigious places then I think he does not know what he is talking about. Music is to educate and entertain. Thus if One Corner is making people stress free from their problem then I think my boy should be given a big salute.

There have been many profane song being played nationwide including other promoting drug abuse and stuffs but no big mouth is coming out to condemn them. Let him say one word which is not good in the song. Its time we must accept what we have and say good things about it than trying to paint every thing bad from Ghana. So many people are speaking I’ll about the song but I know many Ghanaians are excited to have such a song.

In the camp of PA2PA soldiers, we are all coming from far and we are truly working hard to prove our critics wrong. We brought the song to entertain and inform not to kill or what ever. People should stop spreading the news that there is an evil spirit behind the song. I think its a good song for exercise so we must all start doing the one corner dance moves at the right place. Once again we appreciate all the support given to us so far especially the people of Agona Swedru.



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