Sticker Fans Are Mad Over BentuaNation

Agona Swedru is seen as a town of music empire by which every music is trending in Ghana and the whole world. Swedru got a lots of talented artistes which Bola Ray of EIB had confirmed it.

The frontliner artiste of Serious Generation Music (SGM) called STICKER stormed TV3 Music Music entertainment program with his new way was drinking water from enema syringe (Bentua) which had gotten all his fans crazy .

STICKER, who is the current Best New Artiste of Central Music Awards(CMA 16) went to TV3 Music Music on saturday to perform his tracks which all his fans was hungry for his performance. During the performance, STICKER took a enema syringe (Bentua) that contained water and drunk it. After the action all his fans had started drinking from enema syringe (Bentua).

BentuaNation has also become a fanbased of STICKER in addition to SGM, BentuaNation is groing faster than any Nation(Music Fan Based) in Ghana. You can also join the BentuaNation by taking a picture hiles dring from enema syringe (Bentua) and send the pictures to facebook with a tag or harsh tag #BentuaNation or #StickerGhana or #SGM.

Listen to some of the tracks from STICKER  and pictures took by his fans:

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