Stop Bleaching Because We Dont Accept It at Miss Ghana – Inna Marian

Organisers of Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Exclusive Events Ghana, have explained why they turned away a contestant during their Takoradi audition. The said lady was prevented from taking part in the contest because she had bleached her skin.

According to report from Joy News’ Doreen Avio the lady admitted having bleached the skin but gave reason for her bleaching. She said she had some ‘rashes’ on her face and after using a cream given to her to treat the rashes, the complexion of her face got lightened. In order to have a uniform skin colour, she decided to use the cream on her entire body. Even though she pleaded to be considered, the judges did not give in to her plea.


In an exclusive interview with Citi Showbiz, Inna Marian Patty, CEO of Exclusive events Ghana confirmed the incident happened and explained why they took that decision.

“Yes, it happened. My team told me about it. We prefer natural skin tone and not bleached. We encourage ladies to be confident, have self worth and be true to themselves. Bleaching your skin doesn’t fit in our values,” she said.

Inna added the organisers also proffered the ladies that went for the auditions, tips on the harmful effects of bleaching and how to curb it.

“Nonetheless, we encouraged ladies we meet in our audition and selection process to stop bleaching, work on improving / healing damaged skin to natural tone and can always come back if they are interested and still meet requirements,” she added.

The ‘Miss Ghana 60 Years On’ train heads for Accra on Friday, 1st September, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra to select reps for the Greater Accra Region

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