[Entertainment News] SWEDRU IS WORLD BANK OF MUSIC – Afrikaba Ronnie


Agona Swedru is a widely known city in Ghana conjointly to central region. Our avocations which fetch us more incomes are numerous to be connoted, nevertheless nitty gritty once MUSIC, farming, trading etc. which the country get the hang of Swedru as a MUSIC WORLD BANK.

In the event of music, don’t step on a tail on the artistes in Swedru or else they will bit you with punchlines, singing vibes of music. Moreover, due to the artistes hardworking and egghead in the music industry. Some guru artistes are even forfeit with dead end to oppugn Agona Swedru musicians.


On records, Afrikaba Ronnie – a radio presenter of Obrempon FM spoke with Ghanaplay.com chief editor that;

” I have been listening to music but anytime a music from Swedru is been played then word-of-mouth to myself  ‘wow Swedru got talented artistes’. because you can find Hip-Life, Dance-hall Reggae, RnB, High-life, Hip-Pop, Gospel, etc. which cannot be compared to Kumasi, Accra, Temale, Takoradi artistes and especially Tema. – Afrikaba Ronnie[0247950003]


In as music is concern, if you count top 10 musicians in Ghana,
Swedru artistes names will come to light twice than any region. We also have upcoming artistes whom their songs are trending everywhere in Ghana in the likes of Young Cash, Sticker, 2Paddys, Gojit, Remedy Disandat, Taboo, Abibiw, Mr. Chi, RayRay, Buda, Twicy, Odikro, Quadna Dom, Skyty Nero, Ayambayati etc.

Source: Ghanaplay.com

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