“Take” The Song But I Will Promote My Version – I. K Aning

Evangelist Isaac Kweku Aning popularly known as Akrugu and Bobolebobo has given the boboribobo song to acclaimed original song Isaac Sie but he will continue to promote his version of Bobolebobo which is totally different from his.

With an interview between both artistes ( Evang IK Aning and Isaac Sie) by Samy Flex on Zylofon FM, Evang IK Aning was able to provide evidence on YouTube which depict that the song in question belong to him. Dada Hafco, l attested to it that indeed the song belong to Evang I K Aning and not Isaac Sie.

According to acclaimed owner of boboribobo, he started recoding the song in July 2017 which because of financial situation and standard of living he was not able to promote the song to public domain. Isaac insisted to accept that he stole the song.

In conclusion, each artistes can promote his version of bobolebobo or boboribobo but still the originator is Evangelist IK Aning.

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