Download Song “`Verse“` Mewɔ ayeyie bi a mede bɛma no *( I’ll give to Him all my praise)* Ɛnaase nnwom na me deɛ mɛto ama no oo *( I’ll sing to Him songs of thanksgiving)* Deɛ Awurade ayɛ yi ebi nsii da oo *( The Lord has done what has never been done before)* Yee aso ntee da *(What the ear has not heard before)* Nea Awurade ayɛ yi ani nhuu da oo *( The Lord has done what the eye has not seen before)* Na ano bɛyɛ dɛn na aka *( So how could the mouth express this)* “`Chorus“` Wɔmfa ma no, ayeyi sɛ n’a, wɔmfa ma no *( Give him praises for He deserves all our praises)* Deɛ Awurade ayɛ yi aseda sɛ n’a wɔmfa ma no. *( For what the Lord has done, give him thanks for He deserves it)* Wɔmfa ma no, ayeyi sɛ n’a, wɔmfa ma no *( Give him praises for He deserves all our praises)* wɔmfa ma no wɔmfa ma no wɔmfa ma no *(Give him praises 3×)* “`Verse“` Ayeyi nka asafo Awurade *(Praise be to the God of battle)* Nnaase nka ne din daa *(Thanks be to His name)* Firi sɛ matamfo nyinaa asan wɔn akyi *(because He has made my enemies turned back)* W’atotɔ, w’adwane, w’ayera koraa *( they have fallen and perished in our presence)* Watena atɛnmu ‘dwaso abu atɛntenee *(He has sat in the throne and judged right)* W’adi masem abu me bem *( He judged my case with uprightness and set me free)* W’ateatea amanaman *( He has rebuked nations for my sake)* w’asei abɔnefoɔ n, hwɛ *( See, He has destroyed the wicked)* W’apepa wɔn din korakoraa *( And their memorials are perished with them)* Ɔde basa a emu yɛ den Ahwim me afiri abusua bɔne mu a, *( with a strong arm has he snatched me from a wicked family)* Mɛse no sɛn nie, Awurade fata ayeyi oo *( Oh what shall I say, my Lord deserves praises)* “`Hook“` W’ayɛ ne nyinaa ama me oo *(He has provided all my needs)* W’aka ama me oo *(He has judged me right)* Nea mani nda so mpo na w’ayɛ yi *(He has done beyond my expectations )* Ah! W’abubu me ho mpokyerɛ nyinaa *(He has washed away all my iniquities)* W’ama m’ade me ho a, *(And has set me free)* Ayeyi nnwom a na mɛto, Mɛto, mɛto ama no oo *(I’ll sing praises to you all my days )* “`Repeat chorus“`

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