We Needed William Quaitoo To Be Sacked Than Resigned – DYA

The deputy minister for Food and Agriculture,  William Quaitoo came under pressure from both NDC and NPP and especially Democratic Youth Alliance (Northern Chapter)  after making a tribalistic comments against Northerners concerning a suggestion a farmer made on Armyworm.

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William Quaitoo had resigned from his duty as a deputy minister for Food and Agriculture on the date of 29th August, 2017 by which the office of the presidency has accepted his decision and wished him farewell.

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With an interview on Obrempon FM 91.7 (Agona Swedru) between Obibini Kojo Bansah and Hairat Yussif – President of Democratic Youth Alliance (Northern Chapter) on Daybreak Show revealed that,  it could be appropriate for the office of presidency to sack or terminate William Quaitoo’s appointment than to be resigned by himself because he was appointed by the president. His resignation does not bring happiness and peace to only the people of Northerners but the whole country Ghana. What we the people of Northerners did is to build standards in Ghana across all the ethnic groups.

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Hairat Yussif continues that,  Northerners are a  peaceful people if not then that,  this comment had caused riot in Ghana because the same tribal comments mount a fight in other Africa countries resulted loses of lives.  He advised that,  we should be careful with our comments we made on any public platforms and Ghana belongs to everyone and we should give maximum respect to every ethnics groups.

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And I  quote “That’s all we expected but we needed the president to sack or terminate his appointment than to resigned.  We are building a standard in humanity among ourselves. Northerners are peaceful people if not we could have riot the whole Ghana.  Let us give maximum respect to everyone since we all have equal rights to live in Ghana.  – Hairat  Yussif – President of Democratic Youth Alliance(Northern Chapter)

Source : Obrempong FM 91.7 ( Agona Swedru)

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